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October 12, 2012
Chandler Adventist Women’s Ministry
Minutes from Oct 13, 2012
Members Present:                              Officers:
Bernie Willey                                       President:  Earlene Woods
Betty Knight                                        Vice President:  Bernie Willey
Beverly Spencer                                   Secretary:  Betty Knight
Earlene Woods                                     Treasurer:  Grace Donnelly
Megan Anderson
Grace Donnelly
Linda Boyd
Joyce Mitchell
Rachel Anderson
Betty Spiva
Minutes from Meeting:
  1. Earlene opened up the meeting with a prayer and talked about the need of unity in our Women’s Ministry and the church (the Body of Christ) “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for sister to dwell together in unity!” Psalms 133:1
  2. The minutes were read by Betty.
  3. WOMEN’S RETREAT that was held Sept 28-29 in San Marcus, TX:  Earlene, Beverly, Bernie and Betty shared about the wonderful experiences and important --urgent need for God’s people to be working---time is short!  Women can do much for the Lord! 
 Action:  A Budget to be accepted at the church business meeting for the Women’s Ministry. 
Action:  Earlene to talk to Bob to put it on the Business Meeting Agenda 
Action:  Bernie will buy the gift bags and to create list of people to visit.  Bernie will be the point person to be in charge of where to keep literature and to create a time plan for giving out the gift bags
Action: Ladies to bring literature to church for the gift bags.
  1. Gift bags with literature and cookies were put together for the Women’s Ministry to give out to neighbors and those who need to be contacted.
  2. Teams of two were created: Betty Spiva and Joyce Mitchell; Grace Donnelly and Bernie Willey; Earlene Woods and Bev Spencer; Betty Knight and ?; Meagan and Rachel Anderson
  3. Grace asked each of us to pray for her as she is to get another shot for her pain.
  4. Closed with Prayer                 Next meeting will be Nov 10, Sabbath after Potluck