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September 16, 2012
Chandler Adventist Women’s Ministry
Minutes from Sept 16, 2012
Members Present:
Bernie Willey
Betty Knight
Beverly Spencer
Earlene Woods
Megan Anderson
Grace Donnelly
Linda Boyd
Visitors:  Mary
Minutes from Meeting:
  1. Earlene opened up the meeting with a devotion and prayer.
    1. The minutes from the last meeting was read by Betty.
    2. It was voted:  Grace Donnelly be the Treasurer of the Women’s Ministry.
      1. Action:  A Budget to be accepted at the church business meeting for the Women’s Ministry.
      2. Action:  Earlene to talk to Bob to put it on the Business Meeting Agenda
    3. It was decided to create the gift bags and to bake goodies to be stored in the church freezer to use when ready to fill the bags for giving out to neighbors.
      1. Action:  Bernie will buy the gift bags. To create list of people to visit.  Bernie will be the point person to be in charge of where to keep literature and to create a time plan for giving out the gift bags
      2. Action: Ladies to bring literature to church for putting in the gift bags. 
d.  It was also decided to have a prayer chain and Grace will the point person to call to begin the chain when prayer is needed.  It was decided that each day between 8:00-9:00 am the members will pray for God to build up the church and to bring souls to Christ. Also, for the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives and create a burning desire to reach others for Christ.
  1. Earlene, Betty, Bernie and Beverly will be attending the Texas Women’s Conference on September 28, 29.
  2. Next meeting will announced.
Meeting was closed with prayer