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August 25, 2012
Chandler Adventist Women’s Ministry
Minutes from August 25, 2012
Members Present:
Bernie Willey
Betty Knight
Beverly Spencer
Rachel Anderson
Megan Anderson
Grace Donnelly
Minutes from Meeting:

  1. Next meeting will be Sept 16, from 10.00 am -12:00 pm
    1. It will be a brunch, waffles irons will be brought by ( Bernie, Betty and Bev)
    2. We need to ask ladies to bring fruit (strawberries etc) whipping cream, Maple Syrup and butter.
    3. A discussion of duties of each officer.
  1. Discussions on how to reach out to our neighbors
    1. Bev mentioned contacting the Chamber of Commerce and get a list of new folks in our neighborhoods
    2. Bernie needs to bring a list with phone numbers and addresses for people she knows needs visiting.
    3. It was suggested by Betty for us to choose a partner to go out and visit people in our areas where we live. 
    4. It was suggested to find out those in need by contacting our Homeowners Assocs.
    5. Our First project was discussed; it was decided to create gift bags with literature and some goody and information—to give out when we visit those on our list.
  1. The Women’s ministry needs a budget –needs to be discussed at next Board Meeting.
    1. To have a day specified for an offering for the Chandler Women’s Ministry
    2. It was suggested we could have a garage sale, bake sale, and sell popcorn at the next social to raise money.
  2. It was suggested that we create a prayer chain and call each other by phone when there is a need in the church or with those we are visiting.
  1. It was suggested that Grace call to put an ad into the Brownsburro paper.  It will be discussed at next meeting.