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Women's Ministry Meeting Minutes
Chandler Adventist Women’s Ministry
Minutes from Nov 10, 2012
Members Present:
Betty Knight
Earlene Woods
Megan Anderson
Rachel Anderson
Visitor:  Amanda Tabu
Minutes from Meeting:
  1. Earlene opened up the meeting and asked Nikki to pray.
    1. The minutes from the last meeting was read by Betty.
    2. Earlene talked about the prayer list from the “Steps for Christ Project”
      1. Action:  Earlene to visit Nursing Home to see if we can come and minister at their facility.
      2. Action:  Rachel to bring baskets for making Thanksgiving Baskets
    3. Discussed Christmas party to be held in December
    4. The ladies filled up the gift bags with literature and cookies--to give out this next week.  Names were given to us by Bob
d.  Next meeting to be announced.
Meeting was closed with prayer